Site Selection

The Right Questions To Determine The Best Answers For Your Business

NAI READY is an advisory team offering full-service site selection and economic development consulting services within NAI Global. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we have successfully operated across the state and federal levels, throughout all aspects of economic, community, and product development. We assist our clients by understanding their regional, national or global focus on core competencies while integrating a scope of work into a strategic business plan that authenticates the growth process without compromising valuable time.

Research & Investigation

  • The basics – fundamental understanding of the client’s requirements
  • Timeline
  • Geographic parameters
  • Project scope
  • Project objection
  • Strategic partners
  • Incentive qualifications
  • Site or existing building
  • Company process

Site Selection Process


Constantly evolving global market

Client base

Logistical network / Variables

Presence of supporting industries/suppliers (cluster effect/synergies)

Market Research – Inbound v. Outbound


Management structure

Domestic/international relations

Security, trade secrets & safety

Expansion into new markets

New product lines

Transparency & potential cultural issues


Real estate




Company Requirements

Real Estate

  • Timing of project – Determine needs
  • Analysis of market conditions
  • Evaluation of qualified properties
  • Identify and Negotiate Incentives
  • Submittal of Site RFQ
  • Site comparison & eliminations


  • Statistical labor review (Determine quality & durability of labor market)
  • Independent labor interview specific to client’s needs
  • Local wage analysis
  • Local training capability
  • Culture work ethics


  • Side-by-side utility price comparison/capacity evaluation
  • Identification of potential utility investment or incentives
  • Identify site accessibility
  • Determine if site has appropriate utilities to support project
  • Determine timeline


  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Federal
  • Local
  • State
  • Ongoing incentive evaluation

Additional Services

Product Development

Our passion for economic development is what drives our competencies as we assist communities in the development of new industrial parks and buildings. Working alongside community leaders, we strive to be the best resource across all aspects of real estate.

Site Selection Services

Assisting companies in identifying the most competitive locations globally, our team of consultants are experts in the field of evaluating growth plans, analyzing supply chain variables, navigating labor requirements, and negotiating incentives.